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Kale Abrahamson’s Investment #1 Tip: Own Assets Not Cash!

As a result of the elections, control over the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate were handed over to the Democrats, putting the balance of power at risk. More important than political implications are the financial ones. Kale Abrahamson understood it as one thing: assets would keep inflating. And this is only the beginning of why Kale Abrahamson’s Investment tip that is on top of his list is: own assets, not cash!

Governments around the world, not just the US, continue to feel the pressure to help their people through the effects of the pandemic. For instance, the US gave stimulus checks, along with them have come enormous amounts of debt. Moreover, such debt leaves them only three options moving forward: 

  1. They can stop spending money and start paying back the debt, which would freeze the flow of money and drastically affect the market. 
  2. They can cut government programs for people, which would remove the safety net that has served countless people before and during the pandemic, as well as after. 
  3. Governments can print more money to balance the debt while avoiding the previous two options. This is the most likely of the three to happen. Most importantly, the US government can approve it much quicker now that a single political party controls political decisions. 

Now Is the Best Time to Own Assets

All of the mentioned above means that there has never been a better time to own assets, and a worse time to own cash. The difference between political parties was never the stimulus itself, but where it was going: directly to common people or big businesses. Either way, the market was going to be stimulated and pumped full of cash. 

This results in more money circulating, and if more dollars exist in the market, that means those same dollars lose their value. Remember that scarcity creates value, so printing more and more cash just devalues the currency. 

What people refuse to tell you — especially successful, rich people — is that the incoming era of the stimulus suggests a large shift from cash to assets. When the market gets showered in newly printed trillions, it means assets, which can’t be reprinted, increase in value. Assets retain their worth over time and weather different political parties, elections, and trends in the market. 

It’s important to repeat: assets will evolve with the market, while dollars and currency will devalue. 

Nothing about this is complex, the logic is crystal clear. If value comes from having fewer of an item, then it only makes sense to invest in it. If you’re new to this and don’t know where to start, here are Kale Abrahamson investment tips on hard assets to put your money into: 

1. Your Own Business

It’s 1 of 1, there is no other business like the one you create and you’re the only one who owns it. The more work you put into it, and the bigger you build, the more scarce and singular your business becomes. 

2. Bitcoin

There can only be 21 million Bitcoins, never more. Scarcity, and therefore value, is baked right into the concept. 

3. Gold

This one is self-explanatory. As a precious metal, gold was even used as the standard for our currency in the past. 

4. Real Estate

As prices inflate, the price of real estate does the same — especially houses at the beachfront and other exclusive, and therefore scarce, locations. 

5. Silver – To Some Extent

Silver might not be as scarce as the others, but silver is commonly used and therefore has depleting availability. This means its value is constantly rising, and it’s better to invest cheaply into it now than expensively later on.

A cornerstone in Kale Abrahamson’s tips on how to invest is to always do your research. Nobody has your best interest in mind except for you.

Remember, this is not just investment advice. This is good advice meant to wake people up to what’s happening and to help them understand the importance of owning assets. It’s what Kale Abrahamson screams to his friends and loved ones about. This is going to be one of the biggest wealth transfers in the world, happening right in front of everyone. 

Those who own assets can use the stimulus-driven economy to profit, earn, and live as they’ve dreamed. This is far from a doomsday prophecy; it is good advice to benefit you and those who will listen. 

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