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Kale Abrahamson’s Favorite Life Hacks (From Other Successful People!)

Kale Abrahamson has started successful multimillion-dollar companies using a mix of good finance strategy, intuition, and great advice from master entrepreneurs before him. Mining their knowledge, he’s compiled some of Kale Abrahamson’s favorite life hacks:  

1. Take Time To Think

For a long time, Abrahamson gave himself no time to think; he was all about action, all the time. The only time he had for reflection was at night when he went to sleep, which cluttered his mind and worsened the quality of his rest. 

His life changed when he decided to intentionally plan time to relax and allow his thoughts to flow. Whether on a walk or grabbing coffee or just meditating in bed, he’s able to reorganize and declutter worries and thoughts that collect during the day so that he can move forward with a clear head. 

2. Ask Yourself What Would This Look Like if It Were Easy

This is one of Kale Abrahamson’s favorite life hacks and one he uses every day. By taking a moment to ask yourself what the most direct and simple solution to a problem is, you can simplify an issue and discover the easiest, most efficient path to the desired result. 

Many people are misguided by the idea that most undertakings are too complicated to complete. We use this as an excuse to not face our problems head-on or to give up on goals like starting a business or seeking a better future. Complexity scares us, but it exists to a lesser degree than we imagine.

This simple question — what would this look like if it were easy? — can shrink problems, save you thousands of hours, and close the distance between you and success. 

3. Start Living Out the Power Rule (99/1)

It’s essential to know that everything in life follows this rule, and understanding it will change your world. The rule is as follows: 1% of your actions and decisions account for 99% of your results. It’s true for the most important decisions and the most basic, non-consequential ones. 

Although decisions snowball and become much larger than how they began, everything can be traced back to that single choice. Once you learn to identify and recognize this rule at work, you will start to see it everywhere. School, careers, business, and relationships all follow this pattern. Learn it, know it, and use it to your advantage. 

4. Procrastinate More

This life hack goes against everything we’ve been taught — we are supposed to avoid procrastination at all costs. Yet, putting things off until later has benefits that are rarely mentioned.

Instead of jumping into action, give yourself time to think about the problem, gather information and resources and strength, and then act at the last possible minute. This allows for three amazing things to happen: 

A. The problem takes care of itself. 

B. All the preparation you did makes the problem easier to handle in a shorter timeframe. 

C. Even if it doesn’t save you time, it does inspire you to work harder, better, and faster as a result. 

New entrepreneurs should stay away from this advice or use it sparingly because it’s often used as an excuse to be lazy. Procrastinating is a strategy that works best when used by seasoned entrepreneurs who have made money and want to start enjoying life more.

5. Make It Impossible to Quit

This is a cornerstone of Kale Abrahamson’s top hacks in life, and is a more refined version of “just do it.” 

It’s similar to games: once you are 500 levels into it, it’s hard to quit. The same can be applied to business: once you’ve expanded it, made money, and have seen the potential, it should be impossible to stop. 

The hack relies a lot on self-discipline and integrating your business or project into your life so that everything you do or don’t do has an immediate effect on your finances or those you care about. By making the consequences of your actions more visible and immediate, it makes quitting that much harder to do. 

6. Ignore Most People and Ideas

Abrahamson made a ridiculous sum of money following this advice. 

A financial advisor tried to take directional control of his money when the markets crashed, and though everyone in his life would have thought it was a good idea, he still didn’t feel right about it. 

He took his money back, did his research, and invested in what he believed. Long story short, he outperformed his financial advisor by 500%. What this taught him is that even with good intentions, nobody is going to know what’s best for you except for you. No one else will have as big of an investment in your life as you, so you should always be the final decision-maker. 

7. Learn to Say No More than You Say Yes

Learning to say a flat “no” with no explanation is a common tactic among the richest and most successful people around us. The ability to control who and what gets your time ties in with the 99/1 power rule. Saying “no” to 99% of things and only saying “yes” to the 1% you deem important guarantees that your time is well spent at every opportunity. 

There simply isn’t time to say “yes” to everything that comes your way and, likely, most of those are simply distractions. Denying more requests than you accept returns control of your life to your hands and it opens up your time to focus on what matters — truly timeless advice. 

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