Insights From Kale Abrahamson: Online Shopping is a Great Investment

Shopping sprees are not in news in themselves! However, entering the second year of a pandemic means shopping sprees look different. Gone are the days of crowded stores and racing to buy the last hot item of the season. In fact, now shopping takes place from the comfort of home. Toys, video games, couches, beds, even cars can be bought and shipped online, and consumers are taking full advantage. Don’t believe us, believe Kale Abrahamson, who has been there and done that!

Entrepreneurs should be paying attention: the game has changed. It isn’t just Amazon that’s revolutionizing the market! It is also small retailers that have taken their business online and found success doing so. 

The market was already saturated by the time Kale Abrahamson started his online business but it was only the beginning. He found success because he saw success was there to be had! As a result, he used this opportunity to create multimillion-dollar businesses. 

Here are some of the most important Kale Abrahamson tips for investing in e-commerce. 

It’s a snowball, not an ice cube

Online shopping was well on its way to peak popularity before the pandemic heightened it from luxury to necessity. From one day to the next, online shopping — from stationary to groceries — became a standard practice. 

What’s important to understand is online shopping existed before and will exist after the pandemic. Many people lamented not having online storefronts to capitalize off of the uptick in e-commerce. Nevertheless, this consumer trend is not an ice cube. It has not ended and will not end in the foreseeable future. 

Rather than an ice cube, it is a very large snowball rolling down a very steep hill, very quickly. The pandemic has made it gain enough traction to where multiple years of growth are packed into one holiday season, as per CNBC.

It is crucial to understand that it’s not too late to jump into this business. 

Traditions and cultural norms change 

For many, the time before the holidays meant waiting in long lines in congested malls trying to find the perfect gift for everyone they know. This tradition is so integral to culture that many felt obligated to get these gifts, and businesses cement it in place by offering season-specific deals year after year, holiday after holiday. 

With the pandemic sitting at the forefront of everyone’s mind, a bulk of shopping has moved online. Some people prefer the safety of clicking around for the perfect gift in comparison to a crowded store and businesses prefer the ease and low-cost option of maintaining an online storefront rather than one of brick and mortar. 

This means that the online market has never been so prominent, and it’s only getting bigger. As online shopping becomes more than just a trend and cements itself as a cultural standard through sheer growth and presence, means demand is increasing and diversifying. 

More people clicking to buy means more people with different needs, tastes, and niches. They don’t just want more products, they want specific products, they want customizations, they want the variety of traditional shopping, and much more. 

There is always a space waiting to be filled and capitalized. 

It’s not too late

In addition to everything mentioned, it’s necessary to remember that the modern internet is only about 20 years old. It took two decades for it to look the way it does now, and it’s unfathomable to imagine what it will look like in two more. 

The fact that e-commerce has seen record profits doesn’t mean the boom is over, it only means the goalposts have moved and there will be even bigger profits to collect. The internet business is there — jump right in!

Just think of how Amazon has gone from selling books to becoming the biggest marketplace on the planet. Jeff Bezos didn’t worry that there were already successful bookstores, but rather he saw a market and sold to them directly. 

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