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How to Always Go In the Right Direction (The Kale Abrahamson Method)

Most people are aware that life is unpredictable and that well-made estimates can become useless in a matter of seconds. Many try to base their “right” decisions on predictions that don’t always come true, and that can become useless from one day to the next. A rainy day can ruin a picnic just like a car accident can make a whole slew of workers late. Kale Abrahamson was one of these people, until he made a change.

Even if life feels random, there are ways to navigate it effectively. 

By focusing on intention rather than prediction, Kale Abrahamson was able to turn his life from passive to active with stellar results. Here’s how: 

Forget about long-term planning…

The Kale Abrahamson method is accepting that long-term planning that spans beyond six to twelve months is foolish. Aside from quantitative data like Thanksgiving is x-number of days away or there is an increase in purchases around holidays, actual predictions of value are based on little more than chance. 

It helps to think about it on a personal level: there is no way to plan to marry someone in two years or to predict that a business will hit six-figure earnings in three years or to know if a product will be a household item or a failure in four years. These types of plans are too flimsy to base important decisions around and they don’t make a good compass when searching for the right direction.

Luckily, there is a way to influence where things are headed. 

Start focusing on directional planning!

Directional planning is based on preparation rather than prediction. It requires someone to think of the future as something they can influence and build, rather than something they can always foresee. 

The trick is to stop being passive to the future and become an active member of it. 

Before starting multiple seven-figure businesses, Abrahamson was stuck in cubicle hell. He had no way to predict if his businesses would be successes or failures but he knew he was in the right direction. 

Kale was able to use directional planning to skip the misfires of long-term planning and instead he saw the market for what it was at that moment. He chose to use Amazon as a vehicle for his business because of its convenience, popularity, and ruthless direction. Abrahamson didn’t waste time on predictions — rather than reinventing the wheel, he took advantage on this. 

The decision to invest in Bitcoin and gold came similarly. He saw governments that printed money to escape their debt and he decided to invest in something with actual scarcity that could not be reprinted. In that way, their value was guaranteed. These choices were based on undeniable facts and they pointed him in the right direction. 

You can apply this method can to all areas of your life!

Directional planning makes going in the right direction easy. Instead of asking who, where, or when you will find love, attend events where you can meet attractive partners. Instead of predicting what sickness might find you, exercise and eat right and protect yourself before you have the chance to fall ill. 

Life is a string of decisions that we can’t predict, but we can influence them. Markets fluctuate, consumers change, and products go in and out of style. The best way to go in the right direction is to profit now and adapt to the tides. It will always be more realistic and effective than long-term planning. 

No one had their big success planned step-by-step, they were simply headed in the right direction. 

Like Kale Abrahamson states, “Just think clearly about the no-brainer concepts, and point yourself in the right direction to be successful and adapt along the way.” 

That is what every successful person has done. For more Kale Abrahamsons’s life tips you can subscribe to his letter or you can keep scrolling through his blog!

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