Hello, I'm Kale

Cryptocurrency Investment Guru, Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Kale Abrahamson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Nine University, Boost Nine, and Honey Badger Boost.

At 6’7, Kale found his initial calling in the game of basketball. As a college student, Kale played forward for the Northwestern Wildcats, Drake Bulldogs, and the Duquesne Ducks. When it came time to seriously consider a professional career in the NBA, Kale found that his passion for the game derived from his desire for success. Kale’s competitive nature would eventually transfer over well to his pursuits as an entrepreneur.

A famous quote on entrepreneurship from Robert T. Kiyosaki perfectly embodies Kale’s spirit throughout his endeavors: “Entrepreneurs don’t finish when they are tired. They finish when they are done.” As a child, Kale practiced basketball obsessively seven days a week. At the same time, Kale began mowing lawns in 5th grade making “$1,000s mowing lawns”. Through his determination and resolve, Kale was ranked 135th in the nation by his senior year in highschool. After settling on a scholarship at Northwestern University, Kale’s entrepreneurial spirit ensued. From selling wristbands for thousands of dollars to clearing $75,000 selling hoverboards, Kale found that paving his own way toward success was his calling.

The following season, Kale broke his hand during an exhibition game. While sitting out over the duration of 15 games, Kale came to the realization that, “When you are working for a basketball coach those guys own you, and I freaking hated it.” Kale soon found that his true passion was building businesses, not playing basketball. With this in mind, and a proven track record of successful businesses, Kale proceeded to launch three businesses. These now multi-million dollar businesses include an Amazon FBA COURSE (Nine University), a YouTube Channel (The Kale Show), and a company that helps sellers optimize product listings (Honey Badger Boost).

Nine University is an Amazon FBA course that teaches individuals the key techniques and facets of selling products via Amazon—through the Honey Badger Boost marketplace. What began as a “side hustle” in Abrahamson’s 500-square-foot Pittsburgh, PA, apartment soon became a business coaching program (Nine University). Nine University currently serves over 5,000 members worldwide. “Now I am free. I work for myself. I found a better way to make money, and that’s how I found happiness.” Nine University is currently a 7-figure company, with more and more entrepreneurs joining in its success everyday. One thing is for sure: Kale knows how to turn coal into diamonds. 

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